The Middle Lane

Paula is now blogging in Tumblr, but she would not like to call it that.

This shall be a blog. But we won’t call it a blog, per se, since that term needs renovating. Let’s call it an article, based upon my enjoyment of The Financial Times’ Weekend Edition’s Life and Arts section. In that particular section are two articles entitled “the Fast Lane” and “The Slow Lane”. The former is a vicarious thrill ride through the eyes of a savvy citizen of the world. The latter a fine-tuning of the microscope, usually upon personal musings and the English natural landscape. I am both, and I am neither. I am an American mother, once a single mother, now a partner in a blended family; once a citizen of the world – now a far more rooted organism held firmly by the responsibilities of parenting; once a star, now a more reticent artist contemplating different avenues; I am both a city denizen, a country denizen. In fact I am “The Middle Lane”, and so shall it be. I will enjoy writing regularly to anyone who cares to be here.

Her writings can be found here: The Middle Lane.

Let’s follow her, to give her the courage and motivation to keep on writing/sharing her thoughts, online.

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Something I’ve Gotta Say

Check out this new video of Paula Cole, for her song “Something I’ve Gotta Say“.

If you are not seeing the embedded video above, click here.

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Ithaca – out now!

Today is the big day!

Ithaca - the new Paula Cole album!

Paula’s newest album “Ithaca,” featuring the songs “Music In Me”, “Come On Inside” and “Something I’ve Got To Say” is available now in United States!

Go get your copy and tell us what you think! 🙂

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